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Paper Tape
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Registered: ‎07-04-2016
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Fingerprint reader doesn't react any more while software seems to work (Thinkpad E530 Windows 10)

I used to logg in via fingerprint reader (windows 10) without any problems, now the fingerprint reader doesn't react any longer when I draw the finger. I somehow managed to delete all passwords in the password manager (not even sure about this as I actually don't understand how all the components work together) hoping that this would solve the problem. Not the fingerprint reader software keeps asking me to register a new finger. Everything seems to work out fine (I can choose a finger to be registered, type in my windowns password) untill I'm being asked to draw the finger over the fingerprint reader: Nothing happens! The indicator which shows how much of the finger has been scanned doesn't show anything at all. Looks like the software works, but the fingerprint reader itself is dead. However, looking into the system information the 'TouchStrip Fingerprint Sensor' (WBF advanced mode) seems to work correct.

Please help. I have not a clue how to find out what goes wrong here.

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