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Yoga 260, multi-monitor DPI scaling, and blurry applications

I have the scaling on my laptop display set to 125% and the scaling on my external monitor set to 100%. Both displays have 1920x1080 resolution. The laptop is connected to the monitor using a VGA cable via a OneLink adaptor.


Windows Store applications, Windows Explorer, and Microsoft Edge look sharp on both displays. However some applications that I use a lot only look sharp on one display and look a bit blurry/fuzzy on the other. Examples are Google Chrome and Microsoft Word. They are sharp on whichever display is set as primary, and blurry/fuzzy on whichever is non-primary (i.e. it changes when I change the primary display).


If I set the scaling to be the same on both displays (i.e. both 100% or both 125%) these applications look sharp on both displays.


Do others experience this issue?

Apart from setting both displays to the same scaling (which is not ideal) is there anythig I can do to resolve this?



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