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Paper Tape
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T460S stuck key help!!

Hi All,


I've got a new think pad t460s, and my Ctrl button is acting sticky. When I press on it, it sticks downwards and takes awhile to pop up again. 


I did did spill some sticky liquid over the keyboard ytd but I wiped it up real quick and I am pretty sure the Ctrl key was not affected (I don't think it got onto the Ctrl key, and the other keys that got the liquid are fine). 


I've tried to peer under the Ctrl key and I don't see any sticky residue but clearly something isn't right! Is it safe to remove the key to give it a clean? And if so, could anyone provide some guidance on how to do so? I've done some googling but it appears that some keyboards cannot be dismantled this way and I would run the risk of ruining the key completely. 


Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 


Thank you!!

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