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Fanfold Paper
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I can't transfer files from my pc to Moto G plus phone

I am trying to copy and paste MP3 files from my pc to moto G plus phone. I connect phone to pc using usb cable that came with phone. I log into phone.


pc recognizes phone as "Moto G (4)". Strange thing-when I right click on "Moto G (4), Win 7 does not give drive size. Win 7 only shows phone name, firmware version 1, serial number, and power source. Then windows 7 auto play pops up.


I select open device to view files. I then copy several MP3 files from my pc and paste into open window for "Moto G (4)". A mesage appears-cannot copy files. The device has either stopped working or has been disconnected. I tried copying microsoft Excel and Word files. Message says cannot copy files.


This is my first android phone. Could someone tell me how to fix the problem. Thank you very much.



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