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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 Machine type models and specifications
Q: Where can I find listings of current and withdrawn system machine type models and specifications?
A: They are available for download here:

Q: How can I check the warranty status of my machine?  I want to confirm whether it is still in warranty, and whatwarranty upgrades may be in effect - onsite, Thinkpad protection, etc.
A: Follow this link , and input your Machine Type and Serial number, found on the bottom or back of your system - >

Contact support
Q: How do I contact support?
A: Go to and choose appropriate option from the "Quick Links". For support contact information outside of your home country, see the FAQ items below. Support Phone List.

Travel Service
Q: I travel frequently, and I want to be sure the system I have, or am going to buy can be serviced in the country or countries I travel to.  Where can I look to find this out?
A: The International Warranty Service - >
Q: When traveling, how will I know what number to call for service or support?
A: The WW support number directory can be found here - >
Q: I've heard about previous problems with batteries, and I've purchased a second hand system.  How can I tell if my laptop has a battery that was affected? 
A: Information is available on the Lenovo Support site, along with utilities that can help you check your system and battery to determine it's recall status and whether your battery has previously been exchanged through the program.

Consumer support
Q: Where can I find drivers, user manuals, technical tips for Lenovo Consumer models like Y410  Laptops and K100 Desktops sold in retail stores?
A: The new support site contains drivers, user manuals and other support material for Idea and Consumer notebooks:-
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