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Wacom Tablet Service for ISD Driver (WinTab) causes high CPU Usage - Win10 Pro v1511



I've just got a new Yoga 260 with totally fresh install of Windows 10 v1511 (just before the Anniversary update).  Unfortunately, I have had to uninstall the Wacom Pen driver (WinTab) because it is slamming my CPU (well, slamming one of the two cores).  The WinTab service - specifically, "Tablet Service for ISD Driver" - sits pegged at about 50% - or one CPU core.  Of course this means the fan runs non stop, and my battery life is awful.


So, I've uninstalled the WinTab driver for now.  I've lost pressure sensitivity with the stylus, but at least the CPU is better. 


I just wanted someone at Lenovo to know so that they can look in to it and hopefully get an update.  I'm on version:




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