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lenovo z51-70 graphic card amd r9 m375 overheating

i had bought the lenovo z-51 70 about a year ago. here are the specs:

5th gen i7 5500u graphics card, amd radeon r9 m375 4gb graphics card, 8 gb ram. 1 tb storage.


when i play games, the laptop overheats as soon as the game starts. i used both HW monitor and speed fan to monitor the temperature.

the HW monitor displayed the following temperatures ( all temperatures in celcius) when gaming 

cpu temperature : 80 degrees to 90 degrees.

graphics card temperatures: 80 degree to max of 97 degree sometimes reaching 100 degrees

overall laptop temperatures: around 35 degress. ( something called z51-00 and z51-01  temperature sensors)


the speed fan displayed the following temp under the same conditions:

cpu temp : 65 to 70 degrees

graphics card temps: 80 degree to max of 97 degree .


all my drivers, bios, software are up to date.(last updated on 3 spetember 2016)


should i stop using the laptop to play games when such heating occurs.? 

will it burn my cpu if i continue to play games? is it safe?


the fans are running at max speed i presume because i can feel hot air coming from the exhaust slits. but i cant find a software to measure the rpm of the fan. speed fan does not detect the fan in the system nor its speed.


what should i do to prevent this over heating from occuring?


should i buy cooling pads or should i add more ram or should i stop playing using graphic intensive applications all together?

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