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ThinkPad E460 - TouchPad Will not work untill lenovo keyboard is pressed and arrow left is in a loop



Last week a got a brand new ThinkPad E460 factory sealed for work. And it've had troubles with it out of the box, I have a ThinkPad T450s private and have never experienced anything like this on my private laptop. 

So of the bath to tends to freeze at Lenovo logo in BIOS boot screen. And I have to press a bunch of keys for it to continue. I think I might have fixed this issue by disableing secure boot and anti-theaft. It didn't always happen, but it happend every morning at work. I disabled these features now so I can't confirm or deny if that problem is competely ficked. 

I have of coruse updated the BIOS and all drivers. 

My second issue is that EVERY time, not only when I restart but also if I sign out of my account and back in again is that my TouchPad refuse to work if I don't click a key (any key) on the lenovo keyboard in addition to this left arrow key is in a loop. This is really annoying as I use this with a dock at my workplace. If I move the coursor to a textfield with my external mouse or the Trackpoint (that works fine regardless if I click on the keyboard or not) I will see the corusing being moved to the left contantly untill I click a key at the keyboard. 

What is going on? These issues seems really strange to me and not something you'd epxect. 

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