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Re: Lenovo Yoga 300-11IBR Model 80M1 - SSD upgrade - not detected

HI A1rR0,


Great Post. I too was astonished by how hot my laptop would get using the SSHD. When I ordered my ThinkPadE460 the ones with the SSD were not available, must have been sold out as they were available a week previously so I went with the next best option being the SSHD so I took the existing SSD I had in my old laptop I had got a year earlier and popped it into the Lenovo.

It didn’t work, the system wasn’t reading it, but it was being detected in the BIOS so I knew the hardware was present and being detected by the system it just didn’t boot.

I looked up another forum and found the lenovos have a protection to prevent foreign OS’s from drives being booted up and I had to disable this before it would read the new drive.

You can do this in the BIOS its called secure boot and I had to disable it, then it was fine. The system is so much faster, hardly any noise and the temperature never moves. IM astonished at the system improvements and think Lenovo should abandon mechanical drives altogether, at least for the drive that hosts the OS.

Hope you get your issue resolved soon.

Best regards,



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