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Thinkpad Yoga / OneLinkPro issues

I've recently updated my machine.

- Firmware for OneLink Pro (2.30.000 9-May-2016)

- Driver for OneLink Pro (v11016 9-Sep-2016)

- BIOS Update (did the update September 10th 2016)


Since that I have several issues:

- plugging in an SD card: Onelink "reconnects" audio via onlink diasables, network (wireless) reconnects; the same happens randomly several times a day. sometimes spotify stops working and I need to restart Spotify


- Very annoying: Speakers connected to the OneLink make very loud noises (sounds like bad grounded electric system) whe the OneLink Pro ist reconnecting and when the Laptop ist "off" and Power for speakers and OneLink Proi ist "on"


- When shutting down, the i-dot at the ThinkPad-logo keeps flashing. So it doesn't turn off completely



What might help: beeing able to get back to the former driver and firmwar, but I do not seem to be able to download them :-/


Any hints appeciated.


Best regards!



PS: I am not a native English speaker - Hope, you're getting my points

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