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Blue Screen Again
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ThinkCentre M55 Upgrade Help

So I have a few questions about this PC I acquired recently, still being somewhat of a newbie to the building/modifying PC world. I have found the overview and the detailed specifications page on this PC, but for me, they are a bit hard to understand.

What my ultimate goal is that i'll be able to make this into an XP Era gaming computer, have a lot of old PC games and I would like to play them. Yes I know its a bit silly to do when there's Steam and X amount of core processors available, but for nostalgia's sake, humor me.


So specs first, then questions.

Lenovo/IBM ThinkCentre

M55(not sure if its a p, e, or whatever else there is)

Model#: 8811FHU

Serial#: LKHZFV3

Motherboard: LENOVO LGA775

Socket 775 LGA

Processor: Intel Pentium D 925 3.0 GHz

Ram: 2G

Bios Version: LENOVO 2JKT35AUS 4/30/07

OS: Windows 7 Ult 32-bit


So here are my questions,

- Is the mobo 64 bit compatible or is it up to the cpu? (I plan on putting XP 64 bit if so)

- What is the max amount, max speed the mobo can handle? (And if I put higher speed ram in would it be beneficial or would it just clock it down to whatever it needed)

- Is is possible to upgrade the cpu at all and if so what are some of my options? (say to a 945 Pentium D 3.0 GHz or anything better?)

- How does the whole mobo controls cpu choice/ cpu dictates ram speed/ ram limited to mobo or however it goes work anyways?

- Best or any graphics cards that still support XP out there? (more than 256MB, and dual monitor setup possible?)

- I heard you can put XP on a SSD, but its not recommended without certain settings, thoughts?


Any input on any of these questions would be a great help to me.


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