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Stylus for Yoga 510


I know this topic appeared a few times before on this forum but I am really confused especially after a Lenovo employee told me via pohne I could basically use any stylus on the Lenovo Yoga 510. I would be very grateful if someone could help me.

I read this article:

As i figured Lenovo Yoga 510 has a different touchscreen (no wacom technology, no digitizer?) than f.e. Yoga 460, which is much more expensive. Is that correct? Is that why I can not use f.e. the ThinkPad Stylus? Or was the employee right and it doesen't matter?

if not, is there any kind of alternative for the Yoga 510 apart from the cheap pens with the thick tip? I want something that is somewhat precise. I saw pens with a battery that appear to be capacitive by generating a small electromagnetic field like your finger but have a thin tip. Are these the only alternative for Yoga 510? Does the pen for Lenovo Think Pad definitely not work? What about the pens that comunicate via bluetooth mentioned in the article? Could they be an alternative for the Yoga 510?

If there is no real solution for Yoga 510 and there was a Lenovo Laptop with a similar price than Yoga 510, with similar performance and with digitizer I would consider changing mine but from what I saw the notebooks with digitizer are either much more expensive (like Yoga 460) or have a lower performance (like yoga book) is that correct?

Thank you very much.

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