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Yoga 910-13IKB + external 4K monitor with USB-C to USB-C connection

I cannot get the information from Lenovo support, so I hope there is someone in this forum who can answer.


Does anybody have a precise spec of the 2 USB-C ports ?

Can I connect the Yoga 910 (with UHD 4K display) USB-C 'video out' port to an external 4K monitor with USB-C input like LG's 27UD88-W or Lenovo Thinkvision X1 wide and :

- work on both devices @60Hz 3840 x 2160 resolution ?

- have through the same cable the Yoga 910 charging to 60W (with LG 27UD88-W led monitor) ?

- use at the same time the other monitor's ports as a hub seen by the notebook ?

- transmit at the same time data on the second Yoga 910 USB-C port ?


Actually the question resumes to :

- Is one of both Yoga 910 USB-C port compatible with DisplayPort Alternate Mode through USB-C to extend the notebooks display and allow recharging at the same time ?


thanks for your time



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