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Droid Turbo 2 loses battery very fast


I have Droid Turbo 2 (XT1585) Verizon.

I am out of country where I don't have any Network coverage. I have recently upgraded the Android to 6.0.1

Build Number MCK24.183-**

This phone is famous for its Battery and battery charge holding. After upgrading to the latest Android version, the phone got a very serious issue. It does not hold the charge and loses the charge very fast. From %100 to 0 just takes less than 2 hours. When in Airplane mode, it's fine, but when turning Airplane mode off and activating Network mode on, it happens.

I also use wifi calling feature, but I don't think that cause the problem.

I have tried all the guide at Motorola website. I am %99 sure that there's a bug or problem at Android new version upgrade package.

Please help


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