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Registered: ‎08-28-2015
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audio video sync issues in my new moto g4 play

I am facing some issue with my new Moto g4 play which I bought just one month ago. The issue is persisting from the start. When I start a video it plays fine for about 2-3 seconds then the video freezes and the audio keeps playing and the time count starts afresh but the audio continues and the video again starts playing when the time is reached where it freezed but now there will be no synchronisation of the audio and the video. The problem is not seen for long when the device is rebooted but then it again starts. When I tried to take help from Motorola chat assistant they asked me to see if the problem persisted in safe mode. But the thing is this problem persists even if I watch videos online. And it starts after a long time of rebooting so I am unable to keep the phone in safe mode for such a long time. Please help me in this regard if anybody knows a solution to this issue.
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