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Re: Lenovo Phab 2 Plus Battery Optimization issue.

@SalmaanFarish wrote:

 I just Bought this phone 2 weeks back.


Overall performance of the phone is good,but the battery drains so fast even in idel state (Lasts only for 6 hours)


The screen default settings consumes more battery.


I have tried many possible ways but still battery drops drastically.


Hope this would be reduced in next lenovo Update.


If there any possibility to reduce this consumption,kindly let me know.

Hi SalmaanFarish,


There are some instances that third party apps are causing your battery to drains fast. Even if you are not using the phone, there are apps that is running background which still consumes much battery. This is one reason why it drains fast even not in use. I suggest putting it in safe mode to see if third party apps are the cause. 


If the problem does not exist under Safe mode, the problem may be caused by third party applications. Check on the recently-installed third party applications. Uninstall the incompatible ones. Follow below steps to enter Safe mode: Press and hold Power button until "Power off" shows Press and hold "Power off" until "Reboot to safe mode" shows Touch "OK" to reboot into Safe mode "Safe mode" will appear at bottom left after Home screen shows.


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