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Paper Tape
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Moto G4 NO Ring Volume, No Ring to incoming calls

Got my brand new Moto G4 today,  did all the set ups,  got the Moto G5 User guide PDF  (& it doesn't help)


Adjusted sounds.   Tested various ringtones for phone.  Chose one.   tested outgoing phone:  it worked..
Later, tested for incoming..  Phone worked,  but ringer didn't..     Went to settings and there is NOT 
slider for the "Ring Volume" ...   The Media, and Alarm volumes both have a greed circle that can adjust

those sounds,  but there is NO green circle for the "Ring Volume"


Yes, been learning, poking and playing with lots of things earlier,  but cannot find ANYTHING that can 

remove, replace, mute, or modify the ring other than that missing greed circle..    What else can I have 






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