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Yoga 900 External Monitor Flickers and No Sound

I have had a Yoga 900 for 8 months and had no problems connecting to my TV and monitor with a USBc-to-HDMI adapter. This week I have tried using my normal setup, and the display on the laptop screen is fine but the extended or duplicated image on any external screen it flickers. Every two minutes or so, the monitor says 'no signal' for a second and then the image returns, sometimes after thin white lines flash across the screen. Additionally, using the laptop speakers when connected to a TV/Monitor is fine, but nothing can be heard when trying to use the speakers of the HDMI connected device. I have tried flashing the BIOS, updating with the latest graphics card drivers on Lenovo's website, using a new CableCreations adapter, switching HDMI cables, switching TVs, un- and plugged into the AC adapter. Nothing changes. I have also used a USBc->HDMI->VGA adapter/cable, and the flashing lines disappear but the the external display continues to cut-out periodically.


I would appreciate any ideas about why this problem would surface now, and/or how to resolve it. 

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