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Fanfold Paper
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Yoga 910 frequent stutter/hang, especially with Chrome browsing

My Yoga 910 has developed the annoying habit of briefly but frequently spiking CPU usage of the "System" process (as shown in Task Manager) for between one and ten seconds at a time, during which the computer becomes laggy to unusable. The Chrome browser, in particular, becomes unusable/unresponsive when this happens. Scrolling in the browser seems especially likely to trigger the issue.


Using Process Explorer from Sysinternals shows that the thread for which CPU spikes is in the routine: dxgmms2.sys!VidMmInterface+0x453d0


The best I've been able to determine, this is part of DirectX 12 and concerns video memory. Best "solution" seems to be "upgrade your video driver", but I'm already running the most recent Intel HD 620 driver available from Lenovo. ( 


Is anybody else seeing this?

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