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Paper Tape
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Yoga 910 wifi issue

I'm having very inconsistent wifi performance on my Yoga 910. This has the Qualcomm Aetheros network adapter. I already installed the latest drivers from lenovo site. I also adjusted the power settings for maximum performance on both plugged in and battery. I have full signal... I'm maybe 15 feet away from my router. My phone is getting nearly 100Mb/s and my expensive new laptop is struggling to hit 2Mb/s right now. I've searched and tried any and all fixes.


It seems that a restart will usually get the speed back up, but only temporarily. I check resources and don't see any process or service using the wifi, yet the speed tanks like crazy. As an example, I was barely able to hit 2Mb, restarted and now its hitting 150Mb every time. After about 5 minutes, speeds are back down to 2-5Mb tops.


What's going on here?


-- Ed

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