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What's DOS?
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Printer Driver No Longer Recognized

So at one moment my printer was working, the next it wont print and it says that my driver no longer is recognized.  I have had a bit of strange issues with the printer set up in the past where it wont recognize my computer is on, but I have manually put in the IP address and it works again.


So what I have done now:

  1. Tried to unistall the software and reinstall. Nothing, same message.
  2. Tried to find updated HP software,didnt work.
  3. I spent almost three days working with HP and they tried the same options, including using a generic driver and it still did not work.
  4. They said it must be my computer and Windows 10 was not fully installed but it has been fine for a year. 
  5. So I have no idea what to do?

I have a Lenovo Yoga

HP Envy

Windows 10

I work from home and I can not print. I can do it from other devices however but that aint real helpful.

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