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P50 - Graphic card problem, and can't update Intel HD 530 driver

I have recently experienced some problems winth my P50 win 10 computer, where I can't play full Screen video in webbrowsers Chrome (f.ex. Youtube) on an external extended screen (the screen just goes black, but I can hear the sound, and when I press Esc. it seems for a fraction of a second theat it actually is in full screen, before it minimizes), and If I try to play the wideo in full screen on the laptops display, the external diaplsy "crashes" and the desktop is only shown on the laptops display, while an error is shown in the corner of the screen (translated from Danish) "unable to start screendriver"


As the computer is almost 1 year old, and I hadn't updated any of the drivers, I thought it would be a good idea to try that first, to solve the problem. 


I had no problems installing the newest Nvidia drivers found on the p50 download page, but the Intel Graphic card drivers (also found on the P50 download page) wouldn't install, and when I tried to manually install them, The Inf file showed that the drivers would work with 510,520,535 etc., but NOT 530. 


The drivers now seems to have been removed from the download page, so there are now no Intel HD530 drivers at all for P50. 

The Nvidia drivers date and driver version is 10 jan 2017,

The Intel driver date version is 07 jan 2016


I don't even know if the drivers are the problem, but I find it quite strange that there are no update for the intel card, and that the newest driver that is installed, is more than a year ago old. On Intels driverpage the newest driver for HD 530 is no more than a few month old.

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