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Lenovo Yoga 710 Screen turns white

Hi there,



My Lenovo Yoga 710 IKB 15'' Laptop has had many problems. The fan was making noise and I started a topic here that was ridiculously marked solved when it wasn't, and now I have this new problem. For some reason, my screen has been blinking white (see attached pictures). Sometimes the white screen is blinking, sometimes it stays for a few seconds and other times it's not there at all but is clearly still an issue. I have already updated both the Intel and NVIDIA display drivers and when I run a scan I'm told there are no updates available. When I run a game or anything that requires the computer to switch to using the NVIDIA card, there is also a buzzing sound coming from the side of the computer, although this is not present when the Intel card is being used (the white screen appears no matter what I'm doing or which graphics card is being used). 


I like this laptop but these are really too many problems. I bought this as a replacement for another laptop as I'm a student who really urgently needs to use a computer. Is lenovo going to fix this??

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