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Blue Screen Again
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Lenovo Yoga 910 microphone is not working



My internal microphone is not working. It's present in the list, but there is no reaction from it in voice recorders/Skype. External microphone (via headphones) working great.


I tried:

1. Fully reinstall Windows 10 Home.

2. Use drivers provided by Windows out of the box.

3. Install latest drivers from Lenovo Support website for my laptop serial number.

4. Install drivers from realteck website.

5. BIOS update.

6. Remove drivers in Device Manager. Windows loaded them again on restart.

7. Disable sound effects.

8. Enable/Disable device in recoring devices list.

9. Changing recording volume.


Nothing helps, no effect at all.


YouTube videos with bug demonstration:

Internal microphone

Headphones microphone

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