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Fanfold Paper
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No internet even though successfully connected to WiFi on Moto G3

For the past few days I have been unable to connect to the internet with my Moto G 3rd generation.


Settings shows that the connection to my home WiFi is "on", but I cannot get email nor connect through a browser.  My wife's Moto G 1st gen phone uses the same connection and has no trouble sending or receiving email and she is able to browse the internet without any problem. Similarly my Samsung tablet has no problem connecting with the internet.


I have turned my WiFi connection off and then reconnected to my router complete with its security code.  No help.  I have uninstalled both Avast and Malwarebytes but that did not work either.  Unfortunately, because I cannot connect to the internet I cannot now get them back, but since no internet I guess I am safe from all malware................


Just looked at Sim Status > Mobile Network State >  "disconnected".  How to change that to "connected" is the question.


So there seems to be a block between my WiFi connection and access to the internet with my Moto G3. Any help getting this problem solved would be very much appreciated.

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