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Yoga 710-15IKB 80V5 mini-HDMI port not working anymore

I have a customer who has the above model Lenovo laptop. She hooked up an an external display via HDMI using a HDMI-mini HDMI adapter connected to the mini-HDMI port of the laptop which was working fine for more than a few months. She was using the Best Buy Insignia brand. All of a sudden, the external display no longer detected the laptop and the laptop didn't detect the second display. I remoted in and checked everything out and it seemed OK as far as drivers and such so, for simplicity sake (and after having her verify the external display was working wtih other devices), I had her pick up an Insignia HDMI-miniHDMI cable and just bypass the adapter. She tried that, no luck. So I remoted in again and uninstalled the Intel and Nvidia drivers and reisntalled them using the drivers from the Lenovo website. There was no change. I've done some extensive research about this issue in the forums and there have been other models with similar issues and the fixes were... using a different cable, different adapter, or both. These were mainly solutions to solve the problem of secondary displays not being detected at first, not fixing the issue of it working just fine for a while until one day... nothing.


Has anyone come across an issue similar to this? I'm trying to get more of a definate solution versus swapping more adapters and cables around. One last idea I have is to hook it up to my monitor via an HDMI to DVI adapter using her HDMI to mini HDMI cable but I have a feeling, that won't do anything. I'm hoping it's not a hardware issue because the adapter may have been jossled around a bit, causing the port in the laptop to loosen. 


Thanks for your input,



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