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Yoga 710-15IKB Laptop (ideapad) 80V5 - Ghostt/phantom Touch Issue

Yoga 710-15IKB Laptop (ideapad)  80V5   - Ghost/phantom Touch Issue

This issue almost made me crazy. I have try to  find out anyway to solve  but all failed.

 my english is too poor  so I copied another friend's post becaused we have the same issue and also have the same way try to solve this. thanks bro.Geochamp


Dear Community, dear Lenovo People,


I have the same problem. It usually occurs after waking up the Laptop from Standby. Sometimes, not always, a reboot helps. What I encounter in detail:

- "Ghost Touch" Phenomenon  ,Ghost touch


What I've tried so far to fix it:


Firmware update: Even though my screen is an LG and is clearly affected, the firmware update program told me it is "not at risk" and wouldn't need an update. So this solution: does not work, at all.

Updating drivers: I've updated drivers several times with no lasting positive effect on the issue.


Win 10 Updates: Seem to have no effect whatsoever, but I figured are worth trying.


Lenovo Updates in Lenovo Companion: No effect.


Hardware check in Lenovo Companion: Reports no hardware failures.


Calibrating Touch and Stylus: No effect. Once it even got worse, but it certainly didn't fix anything... I don't know...


Deactivating and reactivating touch screen in the Device Manager: Seemed to help at first, but the issue keeps reoccurring. Sometimes the screen doesn't even show up in the decive manager for some reason. From time to time it does so I can play the deactivate/reactivate game, with no lasting effect.


Please forgive me the capslock, but it is FRUSTRATING!


I need help...


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