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Lenovo Ideapad 100- Hinge broken

I bought the laptop in April 2016. Started having issues closing the laptop (made grating noise and felt like something inside was crunching) and screen around the hinge sortof came off around March 2017. Was in middle of submitting my PhD thesis so couldn't take it to repair rightaway. A week later, the plastic part outside the hinge broke off and hinge completely came off. Took it to JB HI-Fi on 14th April 2017 and they sent pictures to Lenovo. There are no signs of external damage, laptop has been used and taken care of properly and Lenovo refuses to cover it under warranty. Absolutely unacapptable!! 

Called Lenovo customer support on 5th May, technician asked for addtional photos of the hinge from all angles to have another assessment. Currently awaiting a call back from that assessment. 

Looked at other blogs and saw other people having same issues with Lenovo IDeapad 100. Will be reporting the issue to consumer protection affairs as clearly not an issue associated with mishandling or external damage. So frustrating that less than a year and have to deal with this. 

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