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Re: Lenovo 510 15IKB - how to upgrade to SSD for brand new laptop

@AydinB wrote:

w10 is preinstalled on hdd and available. I have not started installation on laptop. (Even not turned it on)

Occasionally, customers receive faulty laptops, which are then replaced or fixed under warranty.  Are you 110% certain that your laptop is not faulty?  If you have installed an SSD or replaced the HDD with an SSD, the service team might take the view that you damaged the laptop in the process, and hence refuse to fix it under warranty.


It seems to me that you should power on your laptop, and go through the initial Windows setup.  If you select the default setup options (which allows Microsoft to monitor everything you do), there is not much to type in, and the setup should complete in about one hour.  Then use your laptop for a few days/weeks, just to be sure that there are no hardware problems.


Once you are sure that there are no problems with the hardware, you can install an SSD, or replace the HDD with an SSD:


(1) If you install an SSD in addition to the HDD, you can use some software to move the operating system from the HDD to the SSD.  I would use "Bootit Bare Metal", but that is not freeware.  There are probably freeware alternatives available.


(2) If you remove the HDD and replace it with the SSD, you probably need to re-install Windows (unless you have additonal hardware that allows you to connect the SSD via a USB socket whilst outside the laptop).  You can re-install the pre-load version of Windows (includes all Lenovo apps and drivers) by creating the "Windows Recovery USB Drive" (a 16 GB memory stick) from the operating system on the HDD, before installing the SSD.  However, this does not recreate the "One Key Recovery" system, so that system won't work any more.


Are you sure that you have enough knowledge to do all this?  It might be safer to take your system to a local computer shop and pay them to do it for you.


-- from CyberSimian in the UK


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