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X1 Carbon 5th Gen // Anyone Else Experience High CPU Usage from "Windows Audio Device" Process?

I solved this issue (see my other post) with the help of Lenovo support techs by rolling back the HD Audio Driver in Device Manager.  Changed it from the Lenovo-supplied Conexant HD Audio driver to the generic Microsoft HD Audio driver.  CPU usage is now running at <1% for the "Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation" process in Task Manager, whereas prior to rolling back the Conexant driver CPU usage was a constant 15% to 30%, and it occasionally spiked at much higher levels (on two occasions in excess of 90% CPU usage for the 'WADGI' process).  Everything's been fine since the rollback, but I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this with their 2017 X1 Carbon?  I don't think it's a sound card (hardware) issue because CPU usage is normal when using the Microsoft driver and there is nothing wrong with the audio output or mic input.  I'm thinking it has to be poorly written s/w code for the Conexant driver, but would like to hear any other views on the subject, especially if you've had a similar experience.  When I was experiencing higher CPU usage with the Conexant audio driver it also caused the fan to kick in a lot more often, of course, particularly when other processes were in play, but now the machine is very nearly always fan silent, with only occasional, momentary spikes of fan use, which is normal.

Lenovo X1 Carbon 5th Gen (20HR) / i5 7300U / 16GB RAM / Win10 'Creators' ver. 10.0.15063
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