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Yoga 720...Anyone get 4k @ 60Hz on external monitor?

I have been reading the fourms including several similar posts regarding the Yoga 910.  I just purchased a Yoga 720 (72015IKB-80X7) and have tried a couple Type C adapters without any luck and am curious if anyone else has had any success.  I am conntected to a LG 27UD69P & was able to get 4K @ 60Hz via the display port on my Asus n550JV before it died (hence my new Yoga).


I have tried the following adpaters:

  • Cable Matters Typc-C to HDMI adapter (201018-BLK) - I was able to get 4K (3840 x 2160), but only @ 30Hz
  • Cable Matters Type-C to DisplayPort adapter (201016-BLK) - Just received a blank screen on my montitor (Windows did not see the 2nd display)

BTW...I e-mailed Cable Matters support & their reply was "it might not work on a Yoga 720." which ws not very useful, nor helpful.


Interested if anyone else has had any luck.  I have a Plugable Type-C to HDMI 2.0 adpater coming tomorrow.  Hopefully that will work.

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