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Yoga X1 2nd gen (20JE) + Thunderbolt 3 dock (40AC) - problems

Good morning,


Got my brand new Yoga X1 2nd gen notebook together with the Thunderbolt 3 dock.


I've a problem with the dock. When I connect it, it is recognized but I get a warning that the notebook is not charged and that I should connect the correct charger to the docking station. Moreover, when I connect an external display to the dock (via DP), the external display is not recognized, nor in the display settings nor can I manage to get a singal to the external monitor.


I have installed the latest BIOS for the notebook (v. 1.10), latest Thunderbolt firmware and Thunderbolt drivers. I have rebooted serveral times, uninstalled, re-installed, disconnected etc.... to no avail.


Anyone experiencing the same? Any solutions?





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