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X1 Yoga 1st gen BIOS 1.25 problem

I am having a major problem after upgrading BIOS on my ThinkPad X1 Yoga 1st gen to the latest version 1.25.  I often connect the ThinkPad to OneLink+ dock before booting.  However, with BIOS 1.25 when connected to the OneLink+ the machine completely freezes  at "Press Enter to interrupt....".


I had to revert back to BIOS 1.24, because this behaviour is very annoying.  The machine cannot nicely survive docking and un-docking while running (it becomes extremely laggy, which is a big issue on its own), so I actually have to reboot every time I re-dock, and with BIOS 1.25 this is just impossible.


Please, Lenovo make sure to fix this quickly and release BIOS 1.26 that actually works in all intended situations.


Best regards,


Karol (joe_e_e)

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