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Lenovo Yoga 510 (cannot install win10 creator update) Urgent!

Hi Guys, 


last week i purchased a lenovo 510, 



I7-7200 (4cpus)

Amd R7-M460



windows 10 Home


i have a problem with windows 10

everytime i log in to my laptop, it will update by itself (win 10 Creator update)

and from the first time i purchased this laptop, i already reinstall my laptop (cant count it anymore) 

everytime the win update, it will failed and attempting recover installation blablabla...

im not sure what the problem.


what i do to solve?

1. Reset the windows (from novo)

2. reset the windows (with windows 10 lastest version (creator update)) and it will failed from en us download windows10 -> this one will give you the lastest update right? no doubt tested to my pc i got creator update.

3. use novo and go back to win10 home and everytime i got update (win10-creator update) it will goes to attempting recover installation.

well this is take a lot of time, almost 1 week i just on this circle. and finally ask your (all of you) to help.


honestly i just giving up with lenovo. little bit tired with this case.


Many thanks and regard



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