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Mouse Pointer Problem Lenovo Yoga 710 14IKB

Hello, my name is Daniel Demétrio and this is my first post on this forum. Recently i bought a Lenovo Yoga 710 14IKB. I absolutely love the laptop, and meanwhile i had some problems with the fan noise that i did manage to resolve using de Notebook Fan Control that was recomended on the forum, i still have other problem.

My mouse pointer is constantly dissapering and reapearing, or just changes to a low resolution appearence. I've updated all the drivers, i tried all options of the mouse, i've seen a lot of tutorials or solutions, but still i got this problem.

I don't think that the problem is related to the mouse or touchpad driver, i think is something related with the graphics card or something related. But i've made all the updates, and i also tried to reverse the updates, but still i it made no difference, i still have the problem.

Anyone are having the same problem?

Thanks a lot,
Daniel Demétrio

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