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Lenovo y520 100% disk usage

HI, i have a lenovo legion Y520-15ikbn with 1tb hd, 8gb ram , gtx 1050 and it 7700hq.

I bought this laptop about 7 days ago and i had from first day many problems.

First of all the time of the boot is around 2-3 minute or more and the load of programs like steam is so slow. I noticed that the hdd is everytime (90% of time) on 100% disk usage. I tried to install some games like minecraft,rocket league and playersunkown's battlegorunds. In the first two games i hadn't problems, but with PUBG i had some problems like random crash,shuttering ecc..

I can't understand how laptop like this take on boot 5 minute, unbelievable.

Can someone help me?


Sorry for my bad english.

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