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Blue Screen Again
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Lenovo Tab 4 - How Do You Allow Apps in Kids Mode?

I have used many other Android-based phones and tablets in the past, and in those cases I was able to allow select apps that were installed by the Owner account to be accessed by kid / protected accounts. With this new Lenovo tablet, though, the "Kids" mode seems to be very restrictive. I cannot figure out how to add the apps I have already purchased and downloaded in my Owner account to be used by my kids. I see that some apps are available for download in the Kids mode, but they aren't all the ones I want - and it doesn't make sense to download them a second time anyway.

Can someone help out or point me in the right direction? I've looked at standard user accounts too, but those are too permissive: I need to be able to block access to the internet (Chrome) and app store (Play Store) while allowing access to select downloaded and pre-installed apps. The standard user account has access to everything, and the kids account on this particular tablet seems to be too limited... unless I am missing something. I really like the specs and price, so I don't want to have to return it - but I will if there is no way to set this up as I need Smiley Sad

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