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External Monitor Does Not Wake Up From Sleep

I am using a brand new Lenovo P51 with 64-bit Windows 10 with a NVIDIA Quadro M1200 video card along with an external monitor (ASUS VS228H-P) connected through HDMI. When my computer goes to sleep, my second monitor turns off. When I wake up the laptop, but 2nd monitor is no longer recognized by the machine and I am unable to use the display. I have tried a number of solutions already:

1) I have tried selecting "extend display" under F7

2) I have tried using the detect display button in System/Display Settings

3) I have updated my drivers for both display adapaters (intel graphics 630, and NVIDIA Quadro M1200)

4) I have turned the monitor on and off,

5) I have cycled through the input options on the monitor while it is on

6) I have plugged and unplugged the HDMI cable


The only solution to reconnect the monitor I have found is to reboot the computer which is impractical for me while I am using the machine (I am running programs over multiple days and rebooting is not impossible). It is also impractical to turn off sleep mode on the machine - the whole point of having sleep mode is to save my screen and reduce power usage. I also use sleep mode for security - I want my laptop to lock so that someone can't just pick it up any time and use it. I also read somewhere that someone was able to turn off and then turn on the display adapters to reconnect - but this is a ridiculous fix I won't repeat over and over again.


Outside of these solutions, has anyone found a way to make Windows 10 recognize an external display?


I have also asked this question on the windows forum here:

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