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Paper Tape
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New Lenovo Laptop keeps freezing and losing wifi signal

My brother bought this laptop for me as a gift about a month and a half ago and it keeps freezing, no matter what I do. I tried updating several drivers as well as the BIOS but it just keeps freezing. I edit youtube videos, as well as write and author books and it's really frustrating when I am working on a project and I look away for a split second and the **bleep** thing has frozen. 
It freezes up in a way where I can't even it CRTL ALT DELETE to go into taskmaster, everything is frozen. The mouse, the screen, the keyboard won't work, I have to completely shut it off and therefore lose a lot of work.
It even freezes up when I restart it, as soon as my desktop opens it will freeze and I have to restart again. I am this close to throwing the thing across the room.
Another thing is the wifi signal keeps dropping, I updated the drivers and I have no idea where to go from here. It will show my router is available but no be connected to it, and when I try to connect it says connection not available. And it's not just my router, it's any other place I go to and try to use the WiFi. I am beyond frustrated.

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