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Yoga 720 13Ikb touchpad don't work and pointer not displayed




I got my new Yoga 720 13-Ikb (i7, 8Go, 256Go SSD version) today. However, i already have a problem with it : 


On Windows (not tryed on linux for now), the mouse pointer isn't displayed and the touchpad isn't responding. I've tryed to look for into windows settings but i'm not used to it at all so i've found nothing about a "only touchscreen mode".


It's pretty anoying, it's acting like the touchpad was disable. The keyboard is working great.


I've followed the windows installation step as usual, i just disable all the "send my personal, network, localisation... information" options.


I will try to make it work on linux, if it does, the post will be deleted so if you read this, please help!


Hoping someone response,



Update : Nothing better on linux, trackpad not active.

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