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Lenovo G510 will boot up, but screen doesnt turn on.

Hello all, trying to fix a computer for a friend, but not sure what the problem is yet. I believe it is either the switch that detects when the laptop is closed being broken or where the LCD screen connector reaches the mother board. But I am hoping to eliminate all other options before opening it up. 

So this is what I have tried so far:
-Unplug the battery, detach power, hold the power button down for 20 seconds, put the battery back in, power up. The hard drive spins up, the indicator light comes on, but the screen doesnt power up. I plugged it into an external monitor, and the external monitor works, but the on board lcd screen does not.
-I did the same as above, but instead of putting the battery back in, I just plugged it in and had the same results as above.
-I have also held a flashlight to the screen to make sure that the backlight is not the issue, and even with a bright light to the screen I still cannot see anything

So like I said, not sure what the issue is. They have had the computer for several years so I am assuming it is out of warranty. I currently have it plugged into an external monitor and am running Lenovo's hardware diagnostics program on it. 

Once again I am assuming it either has something to do the switch that turns the screen on and off when you close the laptop, or with the connector that runs from the lcd to the motherboard. Hoping you guys might be able to help out!

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