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Moto G5s Plus Camera Related Serious Issues

Can the Moto team please provide me some information whether I'm correct or not for the following points in case of the camera:


1. While using the slow motion video mode, the quality of the video certainly decreases to about 50%.

2. Sometimes the images that are captured using the normal camera get pixilated when zoomed.

3. While using the depth mode, the focus does not actually sets on the the object clicked (the upper area gets focussed instead of the clicked portion)

4. While editing a depth mode captured image, it does take pretty much time to save (even once the progress loader got stuck and unfortunately I had to close my camera and the phot did not get saved)

5. Panorama mode's images are a bit pixilated.

6. Low Light images are disorted when zoomed for viewing the saved photos.

7. Is the realtime zooming provided in case of professional mode ? (I didn't get when I used it)


Motorola, please ask your development and testing team to work a lot more doing a proper testing on the issues that are mentioned in this as well as other threads (to be specific, the company has Claimed that the Camera for Moto G5s Plus is "Rebuilt" rather than "Updated" but it does not seems to be promising as per your promo and description given while putting it on sale). It is a bit surprising that a phone is launched with some serious bugs and even claims some kickass features for camera that actually dont work as promised in the promo.


Would appreciate if I get a decent response from a responsible SPOC.

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