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Reducing fans noise on Lenovo Legion laptops


I understand that these laptops are primarily designed for high performance, and fans noise does not really matter. But sometimes a quieter operation is prefered, especially when performing simple tasks.

Running some basic tasks on my Y720, like web browsing or watching videos, fans speed is increasing and making more noise. I noticed that fans speed increases when CPU temperature reaches ~45 °C. The fans run at higher speed until CPU cools down to 35-34 °C.
The problem is that sometimes under a low load CPU stays at 36-38 °C and cannot reach that temperature threshold to lower fan speed. The laptop makes an audible, constant and distracting noise.

As far as I know, the fans on these laptops are controlled by EC (Embedded Controller). I want to find out what registers of EC needs to be modified in order to set custom temperature thresholds. Is it possible?

I think that activating the lowest fans speed mode at 40 °C (instead of default 35 °C) can make laptop much quieter without any harm.

I want to ask someone from official Lenovo support to forward question about possible solutions of this problem to the developers. Thank you.

Is someone else experiencing similar problem or looking for a way to make the laptop quieter?

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