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ThinkVision P27h-10 daisy-chaining

I was very excited to find that Lenovo has relesead this monitor as it had all i was looking for: an USB Type-C input, a USB Hub with at least 4 more USB ports AND the DP-out port! Finaly I thought I can connect my laptop using a single wire and get all that I need:

- two screens to extend my desktop to

- external keyboard,mouse and soundcard

- wired ethernet (via USB adapter)

- charging for my laptop


So I ordered 2 such monitors and I rushed to connect them. Here comes the dissapointment: The video signal from the type-c usb input gets mirrored on the second screen (daisy-chained on the DP-out port) and the menu for turning on/off the daisy chaining option is grayed out.


I connected my laptop to the DP input (via a type-c to DP adapter) and was able to activate the on screen menu and turned daisy-chaining on. It works, I have 2 screens now and i can extend my desktop but I've lost all the other features as the only type-c port on my laptop is used by the adaptor.


DisplayPort Alt Mode of my type-c port supports multiple displays (as proven by using a simple type-c to DP adapter) but the Lenovo display refuses to use the type-c input as a source for DP daisy-chaining. Is there some hidden option? Shall I expect a firmware update to be able to use it this way ?


I've returned to using just one screen now, as it allows me to take advantage of the screen as a port replicator. But I'm still hopefull that connecting the second screen as an extention instead of a mirror is somehow possible.





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