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Lenovo Yoga 300-11IBR - Hard Drive Upgrade (SATA_CONN1)

Hi all,


I recently purchased a Lenovo Yoga 300-11IBR with the 32gb internal hard drive. I thought it would suit my purpose well as I only want to use it to run software to check error codes on my car (not much hard drive capacity required).


I'm really disappointed though as I thought it would be super-fast to boot and use with 32gb SSD that only runs the operating software; how wrong I was...


Long story short I’m trying to improve the performance and would like to install a 64gb SSD; I have remove the back and found the connector (SATA_CONN1) but it has no cable connector. Does this mean the motherboard will not support a SATA drive or does it mean I need a connector soldered on (this looks very tricky as the pins are so close together).


See attached photos of the inside of my notebook and the connector cable I intended to purchase.


Any help would be greatly appreciated; if I don’t get this resolved the notebook will be going in the bin and I’ve wasted a reasonable amount of money.


Final resort is to down grade from windows 10 to windows 7 and free up some disk space. I’d like to do this anyway but struggled for 6 hours already to undertake this task; I keep receiving an Error Code: 0x6






Moderator note: image containing serial number removed to prevent abuse.



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