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Blue Screen Again
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Lenovo Y50-70 laptop gives completely unresponsive black screen when opening certain websites.

I have a Lenovo Y50-70 laptop and I have a really weird and frustrating problem. My laptop runs absolutely fine except when I take certain actions that include: Visiting a few specific website, going full screen on vlc and youtube, sometimes when running a game like secondlife. Then my screen turns absolutely blank/black with no cursor or anthing else visible. The laptop still runs absolutely fine in the background, eg responds to keystrokes, makes appropriate sounds and respond to other input but absolutely nothing will bring back the display to normal. I have to either put the system to sleep and wake up right after or restart it and then it runs completely fine until the next random event that triggers this happens.


What's completely baffling to me is that visiting the site and will almost certainly give me a black screen immediately while the other causing factors are a bit random. I've tried the following:

1. Install the drivers giving on lenovo's website as well as the latest ones for both my intel as well as nvidia gpu.

2. Reinstalled windows 10 several times, even asked a lenovo engineer to install a copy of the windows with all the lenovo drivers that come with the pc originally.


3. Stopped windows update because it was installing newer versions of the drivers automatically.


4. Tried various browsers, still almost always gives me black screen on IE, edge and chrome.

5. I changed the motherboard and my hard drive around two months ago and that's when the problem started. I've had the engineer check with a new screen and he says that when the hardware test shows the black screen to test, it doesnt come back from that even in the new screen.


Another thing is that it happens rarely when the windows has been installed fresh, but within a few hours as I install a few softwares that are must, steam, bitdefender, IDM, etc. it starts happening more frequently to the point that it will always happen immediately when I try to open


Hopefully someone here can help me out!


Update: I've noticed that the black screen on some websites only happens when my browser is maximized but not when it is restored or fullscreen. Ive also checked with various DPI scaling settings and have consistently observed this.

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