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Paper Tape
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URGENT: Windows 10 update and now can't boot



Need urgent help please. Bought a Yoga 910 not even a week ago, set up everything, worked perfectly, then had to install the **bleep** Update of Windows 10 (W10 was already on it, so upDATE not upGRADE) and suddenly there was a blue screen saying something about error with BCD file and code 0xc000000d. Don't have a recovery media nor installation media, so made a recovery from the Win10 version on my other pc (on a USB-device) as I had read in a windows forum. Changed BIOS to boot from USB. Get the recovery window with only half the options available (system repair is inactive). Opend the cmd window, entered the commands with bootrec and /fixMBR, /Fixboot and /rebuild BCD, did the restart. Now It will only boot with the USB and give me the same meager options as before. BIOS will not open. Got so desperate, I even opted for the complete reset... WHICH IT WILL NOT DO! I'm leaving in two days for some travelling and it's the reason I bought this laptop. I urgently need a fast solution. Please help... at least to get back in BIOS...

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