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Battery starts decreasing on charging.

I am facing strange issue while charging.
From last 3 weeks, there's never been a time when battery charge is 100%. It always stuck at 99% no matter how long I charge. If I unplug and plug charger again. Battery percentage starts decreasing while on charger. From 99% to 97%, 92% and so on. Sometimes It stuck at 73% or 54%. And If I unplug charger again it shows 99% never 100%. If battery is let's say 45% and i connect charger then again it starts decreasing. 45%, 42% 38% ...... If I unplug charger after 15 mins, it shows increase battery percentage. Sometime it switched off at 18% with low power message. After reading some other threads it seems like this phone Moto G5s Plus have either faulty battery or faulty firmware. Moto needs to look at it. It's not like G5s plus's Camera problem which can be ignored.
Please help in soughting this issue out.

Steps taken so far -
Recalibration - as suggested by mods in other thread.
Charging overnight.
Factory reset. Twice.
Charging in Safe mode.
Charging while phone is switched off

Device Help

I'm using Turbo charger and cable that came with the box.

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