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What's DOS?
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Flex 4-1480 Incredibly slow hard drive speed after Windows 10 Creators Update

I have 8 Flex 4-1480s, and all of them are showing the same issue. Before the Windows 10 creators update, they were all great. However, after the upgrade to creators, and then confirmed again after fall creators, the SSD speeds have tanked. I have verified this through both hard drive speed tests, and specific applications are orders of magintude slower then other systems with similar specs. The easiest test for this is to download the latest Arduino IDE from the windows store, and compile an empty project. On a fully working system, this should take less then 10 seconds. However, on these systems specifically, this takes about 4 minutes. I can observe the same thing compiling a simple C++ program using Microsoft Visual Studio. I tried contacting support, and the only suggestion from them was to perform a refresh, which we have attempted multiple times, and this does not help.


Has anyone else seen this issue, or have a suggested fix? Tried reinstalling from fresh, checking all the page file settings, making sure the hard drive does not shut off, and many other things. During this whole time, task manager shows disk usage as 0.1%, and I've never actually seen it go above that number in all my testing.

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