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Blue Screen Again
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Y50-70 - No BIOS screen, clicking/popping sound from speakers, won't boot

The last few weeks my Y50-70 always took a bit longer to show the Lenovo BIOS screen after turning it on and during that time ~ twice per second there was a popping sound coming from my external speakers. Also the HDD light was blinking to that sound. But when the laptop showed the BIOS screen after a few seconds everything else was normal and I had no problem in daily use / gaming, ...


Since yesterday my laptop doesn't start anymore at all. I still get the same popping noise from my external speakers or more of a clicking noise from the internal speakers if I unplug my external speakers. First I thought it's an HDD failure, but even without HDD I get the same sounds and no BIOS screen at all and the HDD works without problems in an external case. The screen stays black all the time. The fans are turning normally.


I'm no expert, but for me it seems my mainboard died. Or is it something else? Does anyone know the problem and a solution? Sadly my warranty period is over (2 years, 8 months old laptop). I checked online and saw a website saying they take 379€ for mainboard replacement... is there a cheaper way?


Kind regards, Torben


EDIT: Tried booting the laptop with only 1 RAM module, but it didn't help. I also unplugged my battery and waited for some time before plugging it in again. For some reason the blinking of the HDD LED is a lot slower now, like once every 3 seconds instead of twice per second.

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